20 Secret Traffic Sources That Will Allow You To Tap Into Over 100 Million Unique Visitors Each Month…

Part One:

Whether you want 200 visitors or 200,000 visitors, you can explore the list of ad networks below and find the one that meets your needs, sign up, create your campaign and start sending visitors to your site.
Pay attention though to learn how the network operates before placing a lot of money in any of the networks. You must know what you are doing or else you risk to lose your money.

How each networks operates is out of the scope of this guide (it would take hundreds of hours of video or e-books to explain that for all networks)

But you can start small and test the traffic. Some networks allow you to start with small budget.
I recommend you make a search on Google for “Network name how to” or “Network name secrets” or “Network name tips”

Example–” Adwords how to”

If you find something that’s selling (a converting offer) then you can scale the whole thing up (invest more $$$) and lead thousands of visitors to the great offer. Then, reap the rewards. (commissions or sales)

And always remember that as long as you remain in this ad-network industry you will learn more and more and gain experience.

You will always discover new things or answers to questions you had. This is how life works.

So, here’s the list of (SECRET) ad networks for quality traffic, PPC, Contextual advertising etc.

Be sure to understand how the whole system works with each site and then make a small deposit at first and drive traffic.

You will notice there are networks selling cheap traffic. This does not mean that this traffic is junk. You have to test it with a specific offer and then make a judgment yourself.

Don’t get carried away by these websites as they are really huge!

Most ordinary people like you and me have never even heard the names of these networks but believe me they are big.

1. Trellian


This is a very special network and as such it remains unknown to most people and even to most marketers.
This network gets about 200 million unique visitors per month. Here we have no ads, just pure targeted traffic redirected to your website. This is the same traffic search engines buy and they sell it with the PPC model to advertisers.

Trellian network has cut out all the middlemen so that you can buy your traffic for a fraction of the cost…This is a resource of Real High value !

Here is an overview on how to set up your campaign on Trellian.

Once you’ve signed up and set up your account , go to ‘New Campaign’


Once you’ve named your campaign, you can now add keywords to it.


Set your maximum bid, daily limit, target URL and your Geo Target here. Trellian DSN works differently in two ways here.
First you won’t know the bids you’ll need when adding keywords; the dashboard will show you once you’ve added them.

Trellian allows Geo targeting only by US or All. You can’t target by specific countries if you’re looking to do that.

Once you’ve added your keywords, you will be taken to the campaign dashboard:


As mentioned earlier, your bids will appear only after you’ve added your keywords. The 1st rank bid for the keyword “make money online” at $0.06 per view.

Some niches have other bidders which you can get in bidding wars with so be careful if that’s the case.
When researching keywords for Trellian DSN campaigns, I use their built-in keyword research tool and Google Adwords Keyword Planner to get the highest volume and CPC keywords. High CPC Keywords cost that much for a reason, they convert better so they are more valuable.
When starting a new campaign I suggest you don’t add too many keywords, especially if you’re testing a campaign in a new niche.

I’d start with 1-3 keywords and test the traffic and see what works before scaling up.
I’ve found that direct linking works as long as the advertiser/merchant’s landing page has a high conversion rate. Direct search navigation works for both Clickbank offers and CPA offers.


2. DirectCPV


Give your online offer/website/landing page the boost it needs with this network’s Pay Per View advertising solution.
Starting from just $0.01 for URL, keyword and category campaigns and $0.004 (!) for Run of Network advertising, DirectCPV is one of the most affordable ad networks in the world.



ZEDO is a platform of products and services for publishers and advertisers, including high impact video advertising formats to provide advertisers unduplicated consumer reach.

ZEDO’s range of offerings includes full featured ad serving, high impact display formats, ad network optimization, innovative rich media, behavioral targeting data built into a cloud-based ad server, a self-service tool where advertisers to buy directly from publishers, outsourced ad ops and globally renowned customer support.

These offerings are integrated into one technology platform that can be purchased modularity or together.


This network (ZEDO) is a great traffic source for affiliates and advertisers.

If you want to reach a specific audience then ZEDO is a great choice. It allows you to reach specific audience segments at the top of the impressions chain.

ZEDO serves your ad to the right user (They determine the users they send based on behavioral targeting) at the right time (first few impressions users see).

Part Two (continued)


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