7 Reasons Why You Should Say “YES” To the Ty Long Cash Machine Today…

7 Reasons Why You Should Say “YES”
To the Ty Long Cash Machine Today… 


Reason #1) Higher Conversions
It’s easier to collect multiple $300 commissions
when you have access to high converting capture pages
and a mobile device optimized personal branded
sales page that does the selling and telling for you.
Plus, you’ll receive an endless flow of $300 pass up
sales as well;)

Reason #2) Bigger Commissions
It takes the same exact amount of effort, money
and energy to promote a $24.95 program as it does
to promote a $300 offer. Stop wasting your time, get PAID.

Reason #3) Done For You Marketing
Just like your body needs blood to circulate,
your system needs TRAFFIC to keep the money
circulating through it. I not only TEACH you how
to get traffic, I will also reveal my secret sources
where I outsource most of my lead generation.
Totally “hands free”

Reason #4) A Brand New Exclusive Members Area
My team members are loving my new Members Area. Not
only will you get access to my easy step by step set up
instructions and training, the people who you sign up will
have access as well. You won’t have to talk to anyone.

Reason #5) A Mentor Who Sincerely Cares About You
Listen, I know exactly how it feels. You sign-up with someone
and the minute they get your money, they disappear. Well, that
is ABSOLUTELY NOT ME! When you sign-up with me, I will
personally walk you through the steps to get your system up
and running. You will have personal communication with me
all the time. Go ahead, call me right now- 763-213-5361.
I GUARANTEE I will answer…provided I’m not helping someone
else or it’s in the middle of the night.Lol.

Reason #6)  Built In OFFLINE System For Us “Non Tech” Guys
The world doesn’t revolve around Facebook and YouTube.
There’s still an OFFLINE arena we get to play in called
classified ads, magazine and postcards. This is actually
one of my secrets to the success I’m having. I reveal it
all in the Members Area.

Reason #7) 100% Commissions Paid Direct To YOU
Cash flow is the life source.  Its makes all
your squeaky wheels a lot less squeakier. This
is why we give 100% of the money, paid direct
to you. Collect $300 cash payments over and



Just follow these 3 steps right now –

1.) Call 612-814-0809 and listen

2.) Visit and Watch this video

3.) You will immediately get access to my
new Members Area. I will call to help you get
everything set up.

That’s it!
Join me TODAY!

Dan Froelke
Your Online Marketing Mentor