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Big Profit System Review 2018

big profit system review

My Big Profit System Review

If you are looking for a non biased Big Profit System review you won’t find it here. For a little over a month now I’ve been promoting this NEW Top Tier Direct Sales Model and having HUGE SUCCESS with it.

In this post I will be reviewing this brand new Big Ticket home based business, it’s compensation plan, it’s products and marketing methods used to promote it. I will also sprinkle in a little Big Profit System income results so you can see first hand why I’m so excited to be to be involved in this business.




What is Big Profit System?

Big Profit System is a brand new Top Tier member-to-member business started by a trio of very smart high integrity Big Ticket Direct Sales Entrepreneurs. Before becoming program owners these guys were super successful in the Big Ticket arena for many years, earning upwards of $50k per month each in their businesses. Together they created a totally new business model where sales are split 50/50 with professional sales closer's (Success Coaches) and it's members.

Success Coaches do all the selling, telling and closing for you. All you have to do is get prospects to watch a short 20 minute sales presentation using completely "done for you" marketing  methods such as postcard marketing, SMS text marketing and ringless voice mail drops. Big Profit System members like myself are averaging between $3,000 & $6,000 per sale with monthly sales easily in the $10k - $15k range.

What are the Big Profit System Products?

Big Profit System has ethical digital educational products in the form of video, audio and ebook courses focused around the field of Internet Marketing. These courses are top notch and feature some of today’s most desirable topics such as list building, branding, lead generation, mindset, motivation and much more. As a Big Profit System member you'll also get resale rights to the products so you can market the products and earn 50% commissions. For a detailed overview of all the Big Profit System products please click here.

What is the Big Profit System Compensation Plan?

Big Profit System is a member to member (meaning money does not go through the company) Top Tier Direct Sales Model with 5 levels and 5 corresponding e-learning informational product packages. Members market the system using the company's state of the art marketing system and 100% Done-For-You marketing methods. Commissions ranging from $1,000 to $20,000 are split 50/50 with your assigned Success Coach who does all the selling, telling and closing for you. You are in control of your income and you do not have to rely on the company to pay you. Let me tell you, there's nothing like having a Success Coach close a $6,000 sale for you then having a $3,000 cashier's check delivered right to your doorstep the very next day. I've never been associated with a program that was this easy. For an in depth explanation of the Big Profit System review compensation plan please click here.




How Does Big Profit System Make Money?

The founders of Big Profit System are actual success coaches and they receive 50% of each sale they close for members. There is also a one time admin fee of $280 for each new member who joins and this covers the cost of maintaining the website keeping everything current and running smoothly.

Why I Chose to Market Big Profit System

First, let me answer a few of the most popular questions that I receive on a daily basis.
Q - Is Big Profit System a legitimate business? A - Yes, Big Profit System is a legitimate business and people are making real money. If fact, not only am I having success with Big Profit System but many people including "newbies" are having their first breakthrough online...ever! Q - Is Big Profit System a scam? A No, it absolutely IS NOT a scam. Not only are the products of exceptional value, this business model has been proven has been around for over 30 years. Plus, the owner of Big Profit System is the most ethical program owner that I've ever dealt with. Q - How do I market Big Profit System? A - The next headline below will tell you exactly how I am marketing Big Profit System using completely "hands free" marketing  methods.

It's no secret that I love member to member Top Tier (Big Ticket) programs. Over the years, I've promoted several of them having great success and earning a comfortable six figure income. However, duplicating my success with members of my team has been challenging at best. Why? Because most people fail to understand the concept of following up with prospects. When promoting any Big Ticket program YOU MUST PICK UP THE PHONE AND FOLLOW UP WITH PROSPECTS...PERIOD! You must get very comfortable with closing sales.

With Big Profit System you do not have to follow up with your prospects, you do not have to pick up the phone and close your sales. All of the follow-up is done for you and professional sales closer's CLOSE YOUR SALES FOR YOU. Now, the playing field is completely leveled for EVERYONE to have success in a Big Ticket program. That is why I chose to market Big Profit System.

How Do I Market Big Profit System?

I promote Big Profit System primarily with "done for you" postcard campaigns and "done for you" SMS text marketing. All I do is purchase my postcards from a mailing house and they do 100% of the work for me, including providing high quality business opportunity buyer leads. For SMS text marketing, all I do is order my campaign from the reliable 3rd party vendor in the back office of Big Profit System or another top vendor who I've had success with in the past. I also use other "done for you" paid marketing methods such as email drops and display advertising.

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All prospects are funneled through a high converting 20 minute Big Profit System presentation and automated website. Success coaches personally call all the qualified prospects explain everything, close the sale and personally walk them through the getting started process. You will never have to talk to anyone. With this "We Make Your Sales" business model and our "done for you" marketing methods it's easy to see why Big Profit System is a smash hit and taking the internet by storm!

"Join a Sponsor With a Passion for Helping People And a Track Record of Success!"

Take My Bonuses!

The other thing that separates me from the rest of the leaders is...I'm not greedy. In fact, with every system I join, I make it a point to give "over the top" bonuses to anyone who puts their trust in me and joins me in the business. Now, some people might call this incentivizing or bribing and cry foul. For me, it's merely "putting my money where my mouth is" to help a fellow team member out. However, company policy forbids me from advertising my bonuses to the general public. So...I highly recommend you click the link below, get on my list and read my follow-up emails. I GUARANTEE you'll be glad you did;)

I hope you enjoyed my Big Profit System review. Click the button below and watch a short 20 minute video presentation now!

Looking forward to working with you,

Dan Froelke
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