How to Create a Facebook Fan Page

How To Create a Facebook Fan Page

Getting Started on Facebook With a Fan Page
1. Create a Fan Page
2. Always brand YOU and not your company (unless of course you actually own the company you want to brand)
3. Choose the appropriate category for your page.
4. Add a professional profile image.
5. Add a professional cover photo image.
6. Fill out the “About Me” section thoroughly on your new Fan Page.
7. Run through the settings of the Fan Page and fill out as much information as possible about your brand.
Note: Sometimes you can immediately claim your vanity URL when creating your page but other times you will have to wait until you get 25 fans.
Either way, be sure to claim it.
Example of my URL:

If you don’t claim/create your vanity URL, your page URL will be an unattractive long string of numbers.
Daily Action Guide

1. Post your status updates 3-7 times per day to keep your audience engaged. Also, spread out your status updates throughout the day so you are reaching your fans when they are online. You can use your Fan Page’s insights panel to view when your fans are typically online the most throughout the day.

If you are limited on time, consider using the schedule button at the bottom of your status update box to schedule out your posts throughout the day.

I also love using Post Planner (paid version for more features)

2. Check to see if you need to respond to messages from your fans who have messaged your Fan Page. You can turn the message button on or off on your Fan Page in your Fan Page’s settings.

3. Check to see if anyone has posted on your Fan Page and if so, respond to them.

4. Respond to your Fans who have commented on your status updates.

Note: Always go by my 90/10 rule. That is, 90% of your status updates should be value driven and 10% status updates should result in leads or sales.

Some of the best practices we have seen in our own business is by creating a status update that leads to something of value (i.e. blog post or video) then introduce the offer within that valuable piece of content. For example, create a status update with a video tutorial, then present your offer to learn more about XYZ which will lead the audience to click on the link to your offer.

Secondly, be consistent and follow this action guide if you want to increase your engagement on your page.

Examples of content for your status updates:
a. images (Post Planner integrates with Canva where you can create awesome images)
b. quotes on images
c. blog posts
d. upload videos
e. YouTube videos
f. share webinars
g. interesting articles within your niche
h. thought provoking questions
i. 10% – link to offers
j. links to your other social media accounts inviting your fans to follow
k. coupon offers
l. event creation

Know your brand, know your messaging and know your product. Don’t send mixed messages and appear to be all over the place. Speak to your audience and become the “go to” person within your niche. Your goal is to develop the “Know, Like, Trust” factor. People work with and buy from people they know, like & trust.

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