It all begins after you create your first video and before you upload it to YouTube.

First, you’re going to add some simple adjustments in the “details” tab on your video.

This tip is HUGE!

Go to your video on your desktop that you just created. Right click on the video. Choose “properties”, then click the “details” tab. Enter the information you see below.


NOTE:  In the “tags” section I even include the name of my competitor or a person who has similar videos as mine with a higher ranking;)
Now that you know this very important step, it makes it easier for the search engines to know the info concerning your video. Not a lot of people do this.
Next, right click your video again and re-name your video to whatever key word you’re trying to rank for – ei.  “How to make $250 to $1000 per day with No website No selling No talking to prospects!”
Now you can upload your video to your YouTube Channel.

Let’s move on to the next step.

It is important after uploading a video that you pay attention to the most important steps that could influence your income and the number of views of your video.
Do not publish your video BEFORE you have added the Tittle, Description, Keywords and Category.


  • The Tittle – The most important step is the tittle of the video because it’s the first thing that appears and the first thing a viewer will notice. Your key word that you want to rank for should always be in the tittle.
  • The description – The description is no less important than the tittle. It should ALWAYS be between 250 to 400 words in length. I find it amusing when people just slap up a video with no description. The very first sentence should start out with the link that you are promoting, then the exact same keyword that is in the title of your video follow by a detailed description of your video.
  • Key words – Don’t go nuts on the keywords. Just use commonly used words that you think people might use to find something related to your video. Here is where I throw in my competitors name because chances are, their videos are ranked higher than yours. When someone is watching their videos, your video will be seen on the right hand side as another option for the viewer.
  • Video images- The thumbnail is the image that YouTube picks out of the video. Obviously choose a thumbnail image that attracts people’s attention. You can also upload your own thumbnail which is the best option because you can create one on PowerPoint that really gets the viewer attention.
  • Category: Here you simply choose the video category from the list. If you’re in the “work from home” niche like I am, the “how to” category seems to work the best for me.

You can now click on “Publish” and go the video page and do the following:


Go to the following link Google Webmaster Tools  and add your video link.


After that, open this site PingOMatic and complete the form as follows:


Do a search on Google using your video link. In about 15 minutes your video link will be added to the archives!


The above strategies should be enough for you to a get sufficient amount of views to your video, but if you’re in a very competitive niche or marketing a specific “hot” product you need to step create back links, views and likes to your videos.

The good news is can handle all of that.