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Building a list of subscribers is essential for your online success. It doesn’t matter whether you’re promoting a home-based business, an affiliate opportunity or selling products from a website, you should be capturing your prospects names and email addresses. If you are not doing so…you WILL FAIL!

Typically, only 2% of the people who visit a website for the first time end up purchasing or joining anything right there on the spot. So what about the other 98%? If you’re going to spend hard earned money on advertising to get people to visit your website, then you better get these people on a list so you follow up with them. The people who do not purchase right away may do so if you continue to follow-up with them regularly.

Studies show a person needs to see a product, service or opportunity about 7 times before they are ready to commit. By capturing their email address (and sometimes mobile number) you will be able to send them automated follow-up email messages about your product, service or business opportunity.

Here’s How to Have Success

Send highly targeted top tier traffic to a lead capture page (squeeze page) where prospects opts-in by entering their name, email address and phone number.

After prospects opt-in, two things happen; the prospect is added to your subscriber list and then they automatically get redirected to your sales page or website, service or opportunity. This process simultaneously happens with the use of an autoresponder. There are many different autoresponder out there but I highly recommend Aweber because it is very easy to use and their support system is fantastic.

The autoresponder will also send your prospects an immediately welcome email and a serious of follow-up emails to highlight the benefits of your product, service or opportunity. You can also use the autoresponder to communicate with your list and tell them about other products, services or opportunities you have.

Before sending any traffic to your capture page you will need to make sure your marketing system is running properly and your components flow perfectly.

Basic Components of Your Marketing System

  1. A HOT product, service or business opportunity to promote
  2. A HIGH CONVERTING capture page (squeeze page)
  3. A HIGH CONVERTING sales presentation or sales page (that does all the selling & telling for you)
  4. Targeted Top Tier Traffic

Marketing Tools You Need to Succeed

Domain Name:
A website name you purchase to forward your capture page/website to. This is typically used to mask and forward you affiliate URL.

Web Hosting:

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Lead Capture Page & Website Design:
I have been using Optimizepress for over 5 years now, before most marketers where creating their own capture pages/sales pages. I’ve created literally hundreds of pages from capture pages, sales pages, thank you pages, webinar pages, download pages, to full blown 50+ page members ship sites. I love Optimizepress and owe much of my success to their page building platform. There are no monthly fees and their support is phenomenal.

An autoresponder is software that sends an automated email in response to a request for information. I’ve tested many other autoresponders over the years and I can say without hesitation that Aweber is simply the best.

Try AWeber free for 30 days! – AWeber Communications

Ad Tracking Service:
Service that tracks the sources of web traffic. By knowing where your traffic is coming from, you will be able to determine which advertising campaigns are profitable and which ones are losing money. The best tracking service that I have seen is clickmagick and I recommend that you check it out as soon as possible!