Secret FREE Traffic Strategy…

secret free traffic strategy

Secret FREE Traffic Strategy

There’s one thing I know for certain in this ever changing Online Marketing world…you MUST build a list. I feel fortunate to have had a mentor many years ago who drove that into my head every day. Keep reading because I will reveal a secret free traffic strategy that will take your list building to the next level.

One way of building your list quickly is by purchasing PAID TRAFFIC through reputable vendors. You can get visitors into your funnel using SOLO ADS for as little as .30 cents a visitor. Here’s a list of some of the solo ad vendors I use…


So, here’s the secret free traffic strategy I wanted to share with you today. Once you’ve built up your email subscriber base to around 500+ subscribers using email solo ads, you can also do what’s called email AD SWAPS. What you’re doing is “leveraging” the paid traffic that you’ve used to build your list to generate additional FREE traffic…simply by exchanging email ads with other list owners. They send your email to their list and you do the same for them, it’s THAT SIMPLE.

Just think about it…

Every ad swap you arrange with another list owner is like getting a FREE solo ad.

Below is the number 1 place to find email list owners to do free swaps with:

Finally, here’s a little bonus trick for you to help leverage your email list of subscribers. Once you’re able to consistently generate at least 50 clicks from every email blast that you send out to your subscribers, you can become a solo ad vendor yourself and sell solo ads to other marketers. You can then reinvest the proceeds into even more PAID solo ads through sites like

I hope this secret free traffic strategy has given you some ideas as to how to leverage your PAID traffic by turning into additional free traffic and another income stream.

Here’s another high quality PAID TRAFFIC source I use to build my list and get continuous sign-ups for the businesses I promote.

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  • erica

    Reply Reply December 31, 2020

    Great post… Thank you for the tips. I would also recommend Udimi, it is a great place to get high quality traffic.

  • SP Khan

    Reply Reply March 31, 2021

    Yes, Udimi is always great. I am taking their service regularly and really happy.

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