Mistake #1 – Hiding Behind a Website

One of the biggest mistakes I see people do when promoting their product or business online is hide behind a website. I too was guilty of this when I first started to build my home based business. Having an introvert personality, I just didn’t want to expose myself or let anyone get to know me.

This was a huge mistake!

People will always buy from someone they can relate to or find a connection with. It doesn’t matter what you look like or what you sound like. When you can “open up” and allow your prospects to get to know you and see that you’re a real life human being  just like they are, you will have HUGE success online no matter what you’re selling.

If you want to stand out in this extremely competitive niche we’re in, then you must bridge the gap between you and your prospects by allow them to get to know you and by talking to them as if you were face to face.

I always treat my online prospects or customers just the same as if we were having a conversation face to face in my living room.


Mistake #2 – Solely Using Your Company Replicated Website

You cannot have big success online by solely using the company’s replicated website given to you when you became an affiliate or partner with the  opportunity you are promoting. You must create your own story by weaving your personal life and personality into the product/business you are selling. Your goal is to let your prospect or customer get to know like and trust you.

By creating a personalized website/blog that features you and tells your story, you will immediately set into motion the “know, like and trust” connection and you will be miles ahead of your competition.

An good example of this would be my sales page for a ‘Big Ticket’ program called Pizza Box Formula:


Compare my site to the company’s website:


Having a personal blog or website in conjunction with your corporate sales page will set you WAY apart from your competition.


Mistake #3 – Not Treating Your Business Like A Business

Many people wonder why they are not getting the results they want in their home based business. The most likely culprit?…not being accountable to yourself, each and everyday and failing to commit to working your business like a REAL business.

A lot of people have this ‘playing around’ type mentality when it comes to online marketing. They sign up into an affiliate program, slap up a couple of links somewhere and think they can just ‘wing-it’. They do not consistently work towards a goal or track their progress so as a result, there’s no expectation of the business doing anything.

Here is the absolute truth: If you’re looking for a magical ‘push-button’ system out there that will dump thousands of dollars into your lap with very little effort, you are sorely mistaken my friend. This ‘internet lifestyle’ of sitting on a beautiful beach somewhere raking in thousands of dollars will ONLY come to you AFTER you put an incredible amount of hard work into your business.

The ‘tipping point’ for me was when I started to treat my business like a real business. I started tracking my ads, my expenses, my profits and my losses. At the end of the day, I would make a list of the tasks I wanted to accomplish the following day. And the next day I would follow my list to the ‘t’ until all the tasks were completed. Not only does this build confidence but it trains your subconscious to be always moving forward which will ultimately lead you to the ‘internet lifestyle’ of your dreams.

“Treat your business like a business, it will pay you like a business. Treat your business like a hobby, it will pay you like a  hobby.”


Mistake #4 – Lack Of Focus

Lack of focus, in my opinion is the biggest reason why most people fail online. If you jump from program to program always chasing the ‘next greatest system’ you will most certainly NEVER have success in your online marketing. If  you are easily distracted by these ‘shiny objects’ popping up around you…you need to STOP this immediately or forever be doomed in Online Marketing.

When you think about it, the internet is one giant ‘time sink’ with various forms of social media, games, search results and other wasteful activities. It’s incredibly easy to get sucked up in this…and I’m’ no exception:)

Here are a few tips that I have learned along the way to help you stay focused and stay on the right track with your online business:

  1. Set aside specific time each day to work on your online business.
  2. Write down your list of what you want to accomplish during that time the night before.
  3. Close down all your other browser windows except the task you are focused on such as email, Facebook, Pinterest. Also text messaging on your phone…try to make it so you are not checking it every few minutes.
  4. Only open up browser windows of what you are working on at the moment and then close them.
  5. Always be evaluating yourself by asking the question. Is this activity growing my online business or not. Things that grow your online business are posting to your blog, marketing your blog post and your online business, following up with your prospects, helping your new team members get started.

If you want to make a six figure online income then you HAVE TO LEARN TO FOCUS…that’s why I dominate any market I get involved with.


Mistake #5 – Comparing Yourself To Top Marketers

It’s always good to have a mentor or someone you ‘model’ your business after, but comparing yourself to someone that’s been marketing for a much longer period of time is detrimental to your business. Don’t compare yourself to someone who’s making a six figure income when you have yet to make your first dollar. Thinking this way will only make you discouraged and sabotage your success.

I don’t know of one person in this industry that has had overnight success. Most successful marketers achieved success through great persistence and hard work. Listen, we all have to start somewhere and if you’re just beginning now, remember…it’s not a race. Huge incomes online line are NEVER built over night.

Instead of comparing  yourself to your sponsor or someone else you’re trying to emulate, it’s better to listen to their advise, follow their teaching and most importantly…TAKE ACTION.

Your ability to take immediate action will determine how quickly you have success.


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