Very Exciting Gvo/Pure Leverage News []

**URGENT** Very Exciting Gvo/Pure Leverage News [] by Dan Froelke

New Gvo/Pure Leverage Launch

Yesterday the founder of GVO Joel Therien announced his company will be launching a new website called on April 25, 2014. This new site is essentially a new name for the company’s most popular product, the GVO autoresponder.

During an internal Pre Launch webinar yesterday Joel said, “Reliable Reach will be basically a “new commercial” for our most popular tool…the GVO autoresponder and it will also serve as a “new commercial” for Pure Leverage”.

The price point for the autoresponder will be $9.97 per month, WAY cheaper than every competitor in the business…and the deliverability is just as good. The value is unmatched – $9.97 per month for the Reliable Reach auto responder Vs. Aweber or Getresponse at $49.00 per month…a NO BRAINER price point.

What is and How Will You Make Money?

After becoming a reseller, month 1 you will make 100% commissions or $9.97. The Second month you’ll be getting 50% percent direct and 50% percent matching (just like PureLeverage). So, anyone on your first level who has the Reliable Reach product you’re going to get a 50% matching check on whatever they make as a distributor of the Reliable Reach program.

But, that’s not all…here’s the real exciting news – For the first 30 days after the launch YOU WILL RECEIVE 300% BONUS COMMISSIONS on top of your 100% residuals. This has NEVER been done before in the Network Marketing Industry!!

 Get 300% Commissions!!

For every 5 people you bring in during a calendar week (Tuesday 12:01am – Monday 11:59pm) you will receive $100! Bring in 10 you get $200, bring in 15 you’ll get $300 and so on. So, for every 5 people who’s $9.97 payment successfully goes through, you’re getting 100% commission PLUS an additional $20.oo on top of that! That’s an incredible $30.00 per sale!! Another words, 300% acquisition on a new customer! WOW! Joel also mentioned this bonus incentive will last 30 days from the start of the launch and possibly longer.

If you are currently a member of GVO or PureLeverage here’s how you’re going to make more money: is design as a “commercial” to get more people into your sales funnel and maximize your commissions. It will be designed to get “curiosity seekers” in for a very low cost of $9.97 for the autoresponder.

The new funnel is designed to make the Pure Leverage suite of marketing tools a much better deal… as to resell all of the tools is only $15 more per month. It will bring people in to your Pure Leverage business at a low price and maximizes your commissions on the back end very quickly.

Reliable Reach is designed to make the opportunity affordable GLOBALLY and to WOW customers with the best autoresponder at a very cheap price.

If you are currently NOT a member of GVO or PureLeverage here’s how to take advantage of this New Launch and secure your position:
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