Are you interested in working with me in one of my Member to Member businesses?

Are you looking for a simple solution to make money online by using proven automated systems?

Do you want a mentor who’s going to be there for you to help get your home business launched? Do you want a mentor who doesn’t vanish into “the witness protection program” the minute you sign-up?:)

Do you want someone who actually takes personal pride in helping others achieve success?…and to be there to answer your questions?

I would love to be that person for you!

Here’s the thing about Sponsors that you REALLY NEED to KNOW…

All sponsors are NOT created equal meaning that you need to join someone who you feel knows how to help you and can essentially be a mentor to you.

If you join a Home Business with someone who has never made any money online then how can that person help YOU make money? They can’t and that’s why it’s important to join a proven online marketing leader like myself who’s already a successful 6 figure online earner and can show you what works best and what to avoid.

Why YOU Should Join Me

  • You will have access to my Exclusive Team Training And Resource Site. Watch over my shoulder and learn what the successful and thriving 5% do that the other 95% don't do.

Social Media Marketing

  • Facebook Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing

Craigslist Marketing

Offline Marketing

  • Post Card Marketing
  • Magazine Advertising
  • Newspaper Advertising

You Tube/Video Marketing

  • YouTube SEO
  • Avoiding YouTube Problems

Paid Advertising/Fast Traffic

  • CPV/PPV Marketing
  • Banner Ad Marketing
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Solo Ads
  • Ad Networks

Tons of Bonuses and Software

With this training alone you will know more than 99% of the home based business industry...that's for sure!


  • My Daily Method of Operation Blueprint - This pdf features my exact daily advertising routine so you can copy my results (updated frequently)
  • Personal one-on-one help to set up your System...which ever business you join me in.
  • Weekly Members Support Call - Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday @ 11am EST
  • FaceBook Group Support

I also don’t hide behind this website – I’ll always be there for you. You can always get in touch with me, I’m just an email or phone call away. My email address is I also make this promise to you: If you call, I WILL ALWAYS CALL YOU BACK. If I happen to be busy with another team member etc., I will return your call as soon as I can. My phone number is 612-756-9084 and I’m usually available from 1PM to 10PM CST, Monday through Saturday.

Talk to you soon,